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Baskara always gets bad treatment at school and at home by his mother, Fina. Because he can not stand it, he decides to run away to the house of uncle Anton, his father's twin brother. UncleAnton lives with his wife, aunt Ami and two twin children. The friendly attitude of his uncle's family make Baskara happy. Problems arise when Baskara sees the idiosyncrasies of uncle Anton's family who perform strange ritual activities. Baskara also began to be terrorized by spirits inhabiting the house. Baskara risks his soul to look for what really happened in the family of Anton and their house.  

Director: Jose Poernomo
Producer: Manoj Punjabi
Cast: Zidane Khalid, Surya Saputra, Wulan Guritno     
Running Time: 80 MINUTES
Genre: Horror
Language: Indonesia
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