Rudy Habibie Movie Gala Night

Time : 9.00pm
Date : 30 July 2016
Running Time : 147 Mins

This is a story about finding one's soul mate. It’s a story about finding one's first love and last love. It’s a story about Indonesia's third president and his wife. It’s a story about Habibie and Ainun.

Rudy Habibie is a genius in air planes and he had big dreams. He devoted his life to Indonesia by building an airplane in uniting Indonesia. As a student in Aachen, Germany, Rudy Habibie (Reza Rahadiam), not only learns about building airplanes but also the meaning of friendship through his relationships with fellow students, Liem Keng Kie (Ernest Prakasa), a Chinese, Ayu (Indah Permatasari) a princess from Solo, Poltak (Boris Bokir), a humorous and entertaining Batak, and Peter, a senior

But it is Polish student Ilona (Chelsea Islan) who believes in his ambitions most. But it is not easy for Rudy to find that someone who shares his vision and is able to stand by him.

Historical Background:
Bacharuddin Jusuf Habibie a.ka. Rudy Habibie (born 25 June 1936) is an Indonesian engineer who was President of Indonesia from 1998 to 1999. He succeeded Suharto, who resigned in 1998. His presidency is seen as a transition to the post-Suharto era. Upon becoming president, he liberalised Indonesia’s press and political party laws, and held an early democratic election in 1999, which resulted in the end of his presidency. His presidency was the third, and the shortest, after independence.

Cast & Crew

Actor / Character Played:
  • Reza Rahadian (B.J Habibie / Rudy Habibie)
  • Chelsea Islan (Illona Ianovska)
  • Ernest Prakasa (Liem Keng Kie)
  • Boris Bokir (Poltak Hasibuan)
  • Verdi Solaiman (Romo Mangun)
  • Millane Fernandez (Sofia)
  • Pandji Pragiwaksono
  • Bastian Bintang Simbolan (Young Rudy Habibie)
  • Dony Damara (Alwi Abdul Jalil Habibie – Rudy’s Father)
  • Dian Nitami (R.a. Tuti Marini Puspowardojo - Rudy’s Mother)
  • Indah Permatasari (Ayu)
  • Julia Alexandra (Mira)

Director: Hanung Bramantyo
Producer: Manoj Punjabi
Screenplay: Gina S. Noer
Production Company: MD Pictures

Official Releases Date:
4th August 2016
Running Time: 118 minutes
Language: Indonesian

Original Soundtrack (OST)
Song Title: Mencari Cinta Sejati
Performed by: Cakra Khan
Composer: Melly Goeslaw
Label: MD Music Indonesia

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